Italians abroad: what is SPID and how to get one

If you are an Italian citizen needing to access the consular system abroad, you must act now, and by 31 December 2022! The Public Digital Identity System (SPID) will be required from January 1, 2023 to access Consular services (Fast.It and Prenot@mi).

In May our representative Anna Cambiaggi organised with Comites Londra a webinar on the SPID, with all you need to know (watch the recording, in Italian) about this crucial new digital system to access Italian public services. 

If you need instructions in English, here they are.

The Public Digital Identity System (SPID) is becoming established as the leading online identification tool for citizens and businesses for interaction with the Italian public administration Through a single username and a single password it is possible to interact with, for example, the Italian state pension system (INPS), revenue agency, and the registry office

The SPID identity is also the key to access the public services provided by the member states of the European Union that have joined the EU wide digital identification system (eIDAS)

Update posted by our Comites Londra representative Germana Canzi

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